Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turn over a new leaf?

Now that spring is within reach, I have my annual "this is gonna be the year that I grow ______." And every year, I end up with wilted plants that must be thrown away. So this year, I'll try again. Maybe it will be different. Our son is older and he could help. I'm more environmental minded; maybe that will help. If I don't succeed this year, least I'll have browns for my compost & supported the economy (silver lining?). May my thumb be ever green.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BB Creams...Useful or overhyped?

I've tried a couple of beauty balm (BB) creams and I've come to the conclusion that I'm over it. I don't feel like it's doing anything & I want more coverage (I'm a but red in the cheeks). Even Too Faced's new air buffed BB creme is so-so. Not enough coverage even though it says full coverage. Now I hear there's Color Correction/Control (CC) cream. For more info on CC creams, click this link. Knowing me, I'll probably buy one, but not to use as my everything. Perhaps under foundation. I've been told to focus on one thing & do it well. Maybe that really holds true for makeup/skin care too. But maybe I'm biased. I love my Caudalie Beauty Elixir (so refreshing!) & my Ole Hendrickson Truth Serum. So maybe I just need to buy a good tinted moisturizer and I'll have my weekend beauty routine. We'll see how it goes.

On a side note: I will be buying Murad's Redness Therapy Moisturizer soon & will review that as well. I really want the gel, but after making a hefty purchase at Sephora this month (made VIB already!), like my skin, I need to calm it down.

So while I'm not into the BB creams, I do like what I think BB should stand for: Be Be Beautiful.

Until next time...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bras, Beauty, and Badassery

Since I've lost a bit of weight over the last few months, my sister has the fortune of going through the clothes that don't fit.  She took home quite a bounty. Later that evening, she sent me a text saying that I need to go to BA, Bras Anonymous, since she took 21 bras from me. Sure it sounds like a lot on the surface, but consider that the 21 bras span 2 sizes. So really, 10 bras per size is reasonable, right?  Or am I rationalizing my behavior?  Having worked at Victoria's Secret when I was in college may also be a contributing factor in my love of pretty girly things. I'd like to think that 10 is reasonable though.

Since last weekend, I bought a few more pretty little things (total is at nine, i believe) and some awesome makeup (Urban Decay's Naked2 palette, anyone? Buxom Lip Gloss?) So, since I love bras, beauty, and baking, let's not call it bras anonymous, let's label it Bad Ass & then I'm totally in.

I'll try to be more timely and not wait two months before another post.  I couldn't help it though...I was at the mall.

Now to get some sleep so that I can bake tomorrow.

Until next time...