Friday, October 11, 2013


If my schedule allows and I have my stuff together, Momma and I try to go to Croptoberfest, which is scrap booking (digital for me), from sunrise to sunset.  I started Croptoberfest off with tweaking a poster for the Tableau Design Contest for work. Two hours later, the only thing I need is the conference room to complete the details.  Next on the agenda is working on a scrapbook for my daughter, that I started in 2011, soon after she was born. I *might* get it done by the time she graduates high school.  It doesn't help that I've taken a break from scrap booking to start this blog post.

I actually started thinking about how natural it is for me to be drawn more to the visual side of Tableau, given I got super excited as a kid for pens and paper, drawing, and then makeup (by the way, my outfit is not complete until the makeup decision is made), or how I had a banker once tell me that I didn't dress like an examiner (because I wore lavender, rose, royal blue instead of navy, gray, and black suits).

So I think there are a lot of parallels between scrap booking and designing reports.  I could just put a title and a picture on a page and call it a day, but I take a little more time to add some extra touches like shadows, mats, color choice...similar type of work that really makes a dashboard go from being ho hum to being emotive. This weekend is about looking at old photos, spending time with my mom, and building on my design skills, which will hopefully make me a better scrap booker and report designer.

Stay tuned for more Croptoberfest updates!

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