Monday, April 29, 2013

Pondering Paleo

My husband has really cleaned up his diet and mentioned about a week or so ago that he wanted to do Paleo. Caveman! That's what came to mind. What do you have to give up? Is this just another name for Adkins? I tried that and got sick. So I started where any thirtysomething would start: ye ole Internet. And I found some awesome blogs (my two faves so far: PaleOMG & Cleaneatingwithadirtymind). When I looked at some of the dishes, I thought I could eat somewhat like this.

Now, two things to know about me, I'm about the flavor and I like structure but not rules. So if you tell me I cannot have half & half, I will give you a look so fierce you will cower! Cower, I say! Okay, do m a favor & pretend like you are cowering. But how do these two pieces of info factor into my Paleo pondering? Well, I tried coconut milk in my coffee & methinks I need to find the coconut milk creamer. Too bad So Delicious creamer is like a ghost, you've seen it on the Internet but haven't actually seen it yourself. So until I can find it, I'm using organic half & half. Now I'm sure all of the Paleo purists are gasping or cursing me. I'm more of a dip my toe into the pool kinda girl so I'm not doing's more like a hybrid of clean eating and paleo...Cleaneo, which sounds like a generic cleaning product you'd see on an infomercial or a rapper from the 90s (Coolio anyone?)

Anywho, before I go off on a tangent, I'm including high quality dairy, I'm having my daily dose of chocolate (Unreal is so tasty & doesn't include red#47 or whatever it is that will kill you!!) and I'm still counting calories (structure) which I think are the biggest differences. Oh, and I'm supporting my local wineries with a glass each weekend night. So today it's Cleaneo. Maybe in a month, it will start sounding more like Paleo (Pleaneo? Claleo?).

Now to sound like my mom & dad...
Did you do your best? Did you try? Then that's all you can do.

I think it applies. Happy Monday y'all!

Enjoy this picture of some Paleo bread I made.


  1. Interesting! You're doing the 21DSD, right? That was started by a prominent member of the "Paleo community" so I always sort of assumed you were already on the wagon.

    I also enjoy full-fat dairy in my coffee every now and again, no big deal!

  2. Hey Rachel- I am doing 21 DSD. I was doing my cleaneo style eating, went on vacation & felt like I was not in control, so that's how the detox entered my life. I'm in my last week of it & I'm starting to contemplate life post detox. Since I blog about once every two months, I'll be writing about it soon! Would love to hear more about your experiences! I miss the little nibbles of a French fry or the glass of wine. Hopefully my contemplation will lead to some angels singing style enlightenment.